Thursday, November 5, 2009

Catch Chris Smith of Amacker Outdoors, he will be interviewd by Jim and Patti Solomon of Xplortheoudoors on KDUS 1060 A.M. Sunday November 29 at 7:42 A.M. MST from Phoenix Arizona. Take a look at their website they do a lot of great things for the Outdoor

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Crooked Tree Solution for Hunting Stands

Mansfield, TX - Have you ever found that perfect spot to set up for a day of prime hunting and then realized your treestand would not sit correctly on the tree and you had to find another spot? If so, Amacker Outdoors has developed the perfect tree stand for you. With the Jack Plate Timb-R-Lock® Treestand, you will never have that problem again. The Jack Plate's innovative design allows the stand to attach to any tree trunk or limb, whether it is vertical, horizontal or anything in between.

The frame of the Jack Plate Timb-R-Lock® stand is fixed to the tree in two places by sturdy nylon straps and secured by tightening the straps with the ratchets until the stand is tightly flush against the tree surface. The T-Bar screw is added for aid in hanging the stand. Once the large 25" x 33" platform is in place, the stabilizer pin is removed to allow the seat and platform to level at any angle. The stand also has an adjustable padded seat that can be raised or lowered for the hunter's comfort. The padded seat can be flipped up to allow the user to stand straight up or lean back against it.

The Jack Plate Timb-R-Lock® is made with a lightweight steel construction, weighing only 19lbs. Back straps are included, allowing any hunter to easily move the stand from one location to another. The Jack Plate Timb-R-Lock® Treestand also comes with a full body harness and climbing belt to ensure safety. The Jack Plate Timb-R-Lock® is literally taking the hunting industry to new levels in treestand placement. As Joe Amacker says, "If it ain't an Amacker, it ain't worth hangin'!"

Chris Smith, Hunting Sales Manager for Amacker Outdoors, says, "At Amacker, our goal is to build the safest, most affordable, and most innovative treestands on the market. We also believe, to have great products, we must have great customer service and we will settle for no less."

Joe Amacker has been developing treestands for the hunting industry since 1975. Throughout the mid 1970's, Joe led the way with the "Deer Thief 1", the father of today's "stand up, sit down" climbing method and the first all-metal treestand. In all, Joe Amacker holds 23 tree stand patents. Today, all modern tree stands are patterned after Amacker's basic "Deer Thief 1" design. Often imitated, but never duplicated, no other treestand can come close to offering you the versatility, endurance, user friendliness, comfort, safety, and performance of an "Amacker". To learn more about Amacker products or to become an authorized Amacker dealer, please contact Chris Smith at or 1-800-AMACKER(262-2537)


Saturday, July 11, 2009

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Amacker Treestands

Thanks for checking out our blog. I am creating this to keep our people in touch with what goes on in revamping what once was the nations largest treestand business.